Who’s Aaliyah Jay? Beauty YouTuber whom known as Nigerian meals ‘dog items’ try slammed if you are aˆ?ignorantaˆ™

Both Aaliyah Jay and her Kenyan date Menelik frequently address the meal disrespectfully, from producing vomiting gestures to searching disgusted with how egusi smells saying it would ‘stink within the cot’ to phoning it ‘dog delicacies’

Many people are hopping onto the ‘mukbang’ TikTok development of trying ‘exotic’ ingredients from African nations. But rather than differentiating amongst the food, the TikTok clips will lump them with each other as “African products”. YouTuber Aaliyah Jay and her Kenyan sweetheart, Menelik, did actually wish get on to the development for panorama on YouTube and published videos together with the subject “Fufu, Egusi Okra Mukbang | Our first time eating Nigerian products! *Got Spicy*.”

The video starts with a shot of Menelik filling their mouth with fufu, basically made from boiled and pounded starchy yams, plantains or cassava. Smalls testicle made from the money are often dipped in sauces or tasty soups best Reno hookup bars before becoming eaten. However, Menelik sets a huge amount of fufu within his mouth before spitting the foodstuff of their mouth area, off-camera, because he cannot ingest it Aaliyah Jay, that is African-American, seems on in shock.

Afterwards, for the movie, both Aaliyah Jay and Menelik manage the meals relatively disrespectfully, from making throwing up motions to appearing disgusted with the way the egusi smells stating it might ‘stink in the cot’. Additionally they keep discussing the meals as “African items” inspite of the movie’s title.

While Menelik keeps saying the guy doesn’t just like the dishes, he keeps wolfing on the meals, particularly the fufu, okra and jollof grain, while licking their hands. His unfavorable reaction just uses he sees Aaliyah Jay making a disgusted face after eating the food. At one-point in video clip, they make reference to it as “dog food” and Menelik calls themselves ‘disgrace to Africa’.

During the remarks chapters of the YouTube videos, lots of people labeled as Menelik a self-hating African with an insecurity advanced and stated this videos shouldn’t currently uploaded if Aaliyah Jay didn’t such as the dinners considering that the videos only ended up disrespecting a whole culture and dishes habits. People commented stating these people were sick of African items being treated as “entertainment” on American Youtube channels and TikTok clips.

The movie provides racked right up 8.4K dislikes and just 2.9K wants because it is posted. The video clip got pulled in Twitter too with people posting screenshots or films from videos that they discover especially unpleasant.

” and Menelick are using piss, first time ive needed to dislike one of the girl video, ewww”, while another stated: “Aaliyah Jay and Menelik could’ve recorded by themselves ingesting Kenyan dishes. Nevertheless they don’t. They wanted to dunk on Nigerian edibles collectively lmao.” Another tweet commented: ” this really is instead discouraging via african americans. Every person’s qualified for their own viewpoints but exactly how can you view and edit this and thought it really is fine? aˆ?Do Africans eat shrimp?aˆ? and calling it aˆ?dog foodaˆ? is quite ignorant and disrespectful.”

Aaliyah Jay and Menelik could’ve tape-recorded on their own ingesting Kenyan products. Even so they didn’t. They desired to dunk on Nigerian foods with each other lmao. Oniranu.

This is quite unsatisfactory originating from african americans. Every person’s eligible to their own viewpoints but how are you able to see and change this and imagine it is okay? aˆ?Do Africans eat shrimp?aˆ? and phoning it aˆ?dog foodaˆ? is quite ignorant and disrespectful. pic.twitter/CzFKSrd37F

That is Aaliyah Jay? charm YouTuber whom called Nigerian meals ‘dog dinners’ are slammed for being aˆ?ignorant’

Another consumer stated precisely how this could possibly end injuring the sweetness and trend YouTuber, stating: “Damn. Its prematurily . in for AaliyahJay to obtain terminated. She is doing so great. But that video. I really like the girl characteristics i must say i manage but menelik could be the woman down fall”, and another tweet focussed on his conduct, placing comments: “it’s Aaliyah Jay sweetheart slandering Nigerian snacks while slurping his fingertips continuing for eating for me”. One aggravated consumer tweeted: “that Aaliyah Jay’s boyfriend mentioned he is a disgrace to Africa. yes, yes you will be”.

Damn. Its prematurily . around for AaliyahJay attain terminated. She was doing so good. But that videos. ?Y???Y??

Who’s Aaliyah Jay?

Aaliyah Jay is actually an US social media characteristics who may have an internet value of $1 million in accordance with celebritynetworth. Their first-name is obviously delight and Aaliyah is actually the lady middle term which she today uses as their main nickname. She grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, in June 1994 but relocated to Brooklyn, nyc, whenever she had been five. The now 26-year-old provides a lot more than 1.47 million customers on the self-titled YouTube channel MsAaliyahJay and around 2 million followers on her behalf Instagram membership. Their main social networking networks concentrate on charm and style. Besides getting a YouTuber and social media marketing character, Aaliyah Jay additionally makes this lady finances as a freelance MUA, a product promoter, possesses done charm workshops.

She in addition runs another YouTube route together sweetheart by which she had published the Nigerian delicacies mukbang. Aaliyah Jay formerly dated Shamorie Ponds and NBA user Archie Goodwin and rap artist PNB stone.


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